Here at Non-Toxic Munchkin our philosophy is simple:  small changes = big impact.  Any  change you can make at home to decrease exposure to any one chemical will have a big impact on you and your family’s health.   

Buy pesticide free fruits and veggies at home, and you wont have to stress if your kids eat conventional fruit when they go on a play date.  

Stop using plastics in the microwave, and you can breath easier when your kids play pretend in their plastic princess dress or spider man mask. 

Life is about balance. Yes, I eat organic as much as I can, but I am not going to stop dying my grey hair any time soon.  

The healthiest homes are those that belong to families that find a balance between making these healthy choices and living a modern day life - after all we cannot live in a toxic free bubble.  

We are all busy parents who want the best and what is healthiest for our children, no added stress please!  

Let Non-Toxic Munchkin help 'clean up' your life and take the stress out of the process!


It is really easy to feel overwhelmed by all the information that exists on toxic chemicals in everyday items.  The more you read, the more overwhelmed you get:  suddenly, you realize:

  • The U.S. government doesn't regulate the chemicals we use everyday,
  • Over 85,000 chemicals are used in everyday products,  slightly over 200 have been tested for safety in the US.  
  • 80% of the chemicals in personal care products have never been tested for safety
  • The E.U. has banned or regulated more than 1,300 ingredients in personal care products, the U.S. has only banned 11...

Your body lotion, your shampoo, your hand soap, the couch, the TV, your mattress, the paint on your walls, your children’s toys, your nursing pillow, your child’s car seat, your food and food containers and so much more, it all contain chemicals that have never been tested on humans and are being linked to behavioral problems, endocrine problems and even cancer.  Where do you start when so many products you have depended on for years are potentially exposing your family to harmful chemicals?

Non-Toxic Munchkin is here to help.  
  • Do you need help to jump start your journey to a less toxic home?
  • Do you want someone to tell you specifically what changes you should make at home?
  • Are you pregnant and need help planning for your babies arrival into a nontoxic home?
Then, a home consultation is for you.

Our home consult can be limited to one room (your kitchen, playroom, bedrooms, bathroom, living room etc) or include your entire house.  You decide how much help you want or need!


Absolutely nothing.  

We will tell you exactly what to do, why it should be done and how to do it (You can even choose to leave out the “why,” ).  All the research will be done for you and big and little recommendations will be made -  everything from finding a non-toxic hand soap or sunscreen to non-toxic paint options.  

After our visit we will even help you prioritize which changes to make first in order to make sure you are not overwhelmed. 


Your in-home consultation begins with a personalized assessment of your home and family’s current toxic dependency.   Depending on the focus of your visit (one room, various rooms, or the entire house) you will receive:
  • A full report with a grade that will reflect your current chemical dependency and highlight specific recommendations for your family.  
  • The personalized report will highlight the potential chemicals of concern that you may be exposed to in your home, with a brief explanation of what they are and why they are dangerous ( this information can be bypassed if client prefers) 
  • Easy changes for you to make within your home to decrease daily toxic chemical exposure
  • Specific eco-friendly and non-toxic recommendations for cleaning products, cosmetics, nursery furniture, children’s toys, laundry products, wall paints and/or additional miscellaneous products for the home. 
  • Specific online and retail sources that will make purchasing these non-toxic alternatives as easy as your old products.
It is not a diet.  It is not a detox.  It is a new way of life.  This is the goal; to help you make changes that are so easy and make so much sense that they become second nature.


Please contact us  for pricing

* Please note:  
  • WE'VE MOVED! Currently, Non-Toxic Munchkin in-home consultations are only available in Los Angeles.
  • Spanish in-home consultations are also available 

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