Hello! Welcome to the Non-Toxic Munchkin Blog!

Non-Toxic Munchkin works directly with families in the LA area, companies throughout the US and countless parents worldwide through our blog, social media and consulting company.

This blog is meant to make transitioning to and living a non-toxic healthier life fast and easy... after all, let's face it, our munchkins already take up a lot of our time.

My years as an investigative journalist and documentary producer left me with a keen love of researching and sifting through dense information and making it easy to understand.  Ever since my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer,  almost 15 years ago, I began to read and research the effects of environmental toxins on our health.  After having my own  two little 'munchkins',  I became fully committed to making sure they are protected from toxic chemicals so they can live a long healthy life. As all moms know, life with 2 boys is incredibly busy, yet I am more committed to sharing my research and knowledge with friends, families and other munchkin moms.

The key to successfully raising a non-toxic munchkin in a non-toxic house?   It can't be overwhelming and it must be EASY and  FAST.

Hopefully our blog will help YOU stay informed and get tips on how to transition and live a non- toxic life!
We are all busy moms and, lets face it, some of us have the attention span of a ... well, er, munchkin, when it comes to reading long scientific articles or studies...especially when the studies and news articles almost require a PHD to understand.  Never fear!  I am a trained journalist and nerd at heart so I will read all these studies for you and include a couple of short bullet points with the most relevant points, along with a short explanation of how this or that affects you and your munchkins ... almost like the cliff notes for GREEN related news.   Expect constant updates on the latest studies, legislation that affects you and all toxic chemical related news and information as it comes out.   Fast, easy and informative for non-toxic munchkin moms who want to stay informed.

As a mom I really do hope that this blog is able to help other moms raise healthier kids... if you have any ideas, suggestions or questions please contact me!   Enjoy!


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  2. Thanks Lisa! Will spread the word!

  3. thank you for your efforts that go into this blog. I'm trying to find a way to sign up for email updates?

    1. Hi Lisa,
      Thank you so much for your support. You should be able to sign up for our email list on the main page of the blog where it says 'Follow By Email" (right side under mu picture). You can also send me an email and I can make sure to add you to our mailing list. nontoxicmunchkin@gmail.com

      hope to hear from you soon!

  4. YAY so excited to read all of your posts! I'm not a mom but soo interested in learning about toxic chemicals and continuing to remove them from my every day. Thank you for doing what you do!