Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Should I Be Avoiding Fluoride? A New Study Warns Pregnant Women to Stay Away

Is pregnancy exposure to fluoride a cause of early childhood ADHD?   According to a new study, it might be.  

This particular study has the participation of some very well known Universities and research entities including  experts from the University of Toronto, York University, the National Institute of Public Health of Mexico, University of Michigan, Indiana University, the University of Washington and Harvard University. The team  specifically found:

1. "that children with elevated prenatal exposure to fluoride were more likely to show symptoms of ADHD " . Specifically "inattentive behaviors and cognitive problems, but not with hyperactivity.

The same team recently found in a previous study that higher levels of urine fluoride during pregnancy are associated with lower scores on tests of IQ and cognition in the school-age children.  

Wait- I thought Fluoride was safe and prevented cavities?!

Thursday, October 25, 2018


Photo credit:  Kristin Olsson 

post originally written and posted 10/2017

Kids love face paint. What better way to become a pirate or a princess or a butterfly or tiger than with face paint, right?   

Unfortunately, most store bought face paints have really toxic chemicals including   lead (and high levels of it) talc (linked to cancer), chromium, barium, endocrine disrupting fragrance chemicals (for more details on what is in your face paint check out an article I wrote for The Tot recently) 

I now cringe when I see a face painting station at  birthday parties or fairs because, truthfully, the struggle is real.  The kids LOVE getting fun designs and I don't always want to be the mean mom that says no.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

IS Organic Worth it? New Study Says Eating Organic Can Cut Your Cancer Risk

Photo Credit:  @onepotatobox

study published Monday in JAMA Internal Medicine looked at 69,000 French adults and found that those who ate the most organic foods were 25% less likely to develop cancer.  Specifically  they were  73% less likely to develop non-Hodgkin lymphoma and 21% less likely to develop post-menopausal breast cancer.

Why does eating an organic diet help you avoid cancer?
The main reason are pesticides.   

Monday, October 15, 2018

Are "x- Free" Nail polishes just as Harmful as Conventional Polishes?

I have two boys but if there is anything I know about little girls is that the many of them love to get a special manicure and/or pedicure just like there mamas.    Just today we were at a preschool birthday party and two little girls came to show me their glittery nails.

I also get asked by mamas quite often about safe nail polishes for their children.  Lucky for them (and us grown women who enjoy having manis and pedis) in the past couple of years there has been an explosion in the 'eco/clean' nail polish market.  Many new nail brands and even older established brands now proudly claim to be "three free"- meaning that they are made without dibutyl phthalate (a plasticizer used to enhance a polish’s texture and function, but that is linked to potential reproductive and developmental problems), toluene (a nervous system and developmental disruptor) and formaldehyde (a carcinogen). 

After the popularity of '3 Free' skyrocketed, we began to see the arrival of seemingly newer, greener brands that claim to go beyond the '3 free' and have eliminated even more chemicals commonly used in nail polish, labeling their products “five-free,” “10-free” and even “13-free.”  But what do these labels mean? Is anyone regulating these labels?

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

7 Popular Artificial Additives Banned By the FDA

Photo credit:  @icecream

Not all mint ice creams are created equally- while some, like our local favorite homemade recipe (find it below!) or the one pictured by @sweetrosecreamery in LA, are made using real mint leaves, others are made using artificial flavors.   
This week, the FDA announced that 7 synthetic food additives, including one commonly used to provide mint flavoring in foods like ice cream, will be banned from use in food.
The announcement came after the FDA received a petition signed by environmental and consumer groups, including the Natural Resources Defense Council, the Center for Food Safety, and the Center for Science in the Public Interest, the Breast Cancer Fund and the Environmental Working Group.

Why are these artificial flavors being banned now?

The synthetic flavors have been known, for a while, to cause cancer in animals.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

New In Home Glyphosate Test For Food and Water

I know a lot of my followers felt frustrated and confused when some of their children's favorite daily breakfast foods  (some organic!) were found to contain high levels of glyphosate (read more on this in my post " IS THERE A CANCER CAUSING PESTICIDE IN MY KIDS FAVORITE BREAKFAST FOODS?!").  The thing is,  glyphosate, the main ingredient in the widely used  pesticide Round Up is considered a carcinogen by the World Health Organization and the herbacide has also been found to be dangerous even at "low safe levels" . 

Now, finally, we can all find out if some of the items in our own kitchens contain the presence of glyphosate- @thedetoxproject is now selling a home test kit for glyphosate: The GlyphoCheck™ Home Test for Glyphosate in Food and Water.