Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Finding a Chemical-Free Countertop Cleaner; Because No One Wants Food Prepped With a Side of Toxic Chemicals

We spent a lot of family time in the kitchen.   The kids help me prep food throughout the day and that means that, often, our counter gets used as a cutting board  and - I admit- even as a plate sometimes by the kids.  Other times, while I cook, they do their homework and artwork on our counter .   Basically, our kitchen countertops get used so much that I end up wiping them clean various times throughout the day.   

How important is it to find a product that will clean your countertop and not add any harmful chemicals to it?  For our family, because we spend so much time in the kitchen breathing in the air, and place food and little hands all over the countertops, I think it is really important.  Most store bought kitchen counter cleaners are filled with potentially harmful chemicals which will linger well after you are done cleaning ( to see how the product you use compares click over to the Environmental Working Groups Cleaners Database where 97% of the countertop cleaners analyzed scored a C, D or F in terms of harmful chemicals.)

To me, it just makes sense that anything you use in your kitchen  to clean and to cook be edible and not toxic.   Like I said,  your family will touch, breathe & absorb the ingredients in your cleaning products for days after you cleaned- especially those in the kitchen. Continual exposure to hundreds of cleaners, even some of those labelled as "green" or "natural," can and do have serious health effects, especially on children. There are some safe store bought options (scroll down to the bottom of this post for our favorites) but the safest route, hands down, will always be making your own. 

DIY Kitchen Counter Cleaner
At home our go to  multi-surface cleaner is a 50/50 mix of :

  Heinz White Vinegar Distilled -- 1 Gallon Total (128 Ounces (Two 64 Ounce Jugs))  and water ( and I sometimes add a couple of drops of Eucalyptus oil for the smell).  It cleans and disinfects without any added toxic chemicals.  

Granite, Marble, Stone:
Marble, granite, and stone do NOT like having acidic (citrus or vinegar) cleaners used on them since the Citrus and vinegar can  kind of eat away at these countertops. 

Instead, mix water with a drop or two of dish detergent/soap and a little rubbing alcohol (or, for a totally edible finish,  vodka).  

Put the alcohol  into a spray bottle. Add the dish soap, essential oil and fill up the rest of the bottle with water.

That is it.   Use these to clean your kitchen countertops and you can feel safe and not worry about anyone in your family being exposed to toxic chemicals in the kitchen when touching, smelling, or prep food in the kitchen!

For those of you who are still not ready to venture into DIY cleaners these products scored an 'A' or 'B' on the EWG database:

Earth Friendly Products, Parsley Plus All Surface Cleaner 

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