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Non-Toxic Baby and Child Bathtime Guide

My kids get home dirty.  
I mean,  really dirty (see picture).  

And, believe it or not, I love it.  For me, it is proof that they had fun, explored and spent plenty of time outdoors.  It also means that there is no skimping at bath time.  Every single inch of their body will have to be duly scrubbed ..... so what do I trust on my munchkin's body?  Here is a list of my favorite non-toxic products.

But first, why is is super important to use non-toxic products for your child's bath time?

  1. Your skin is your biggest organ.  Anything you rub on it  (ie soap and body wash) can enter your body.  It is estimated that  60% of what you put on your skin is absorbed directly into your bloodstream
  2. If you shower with warm water, the vapor will open your pores which can increase the potential chemical exposure from any given product
  3. We shower, and will continue showering, pretty much daily for years - all of our life.   Even extremely low doses of a worrisome chemical can potentially add up over time.   The cumulative effects of many worrisome chemicals (at extremely low doses) on young children have not thoroughly been studied but could potentially be as bad as being exposed to a given chemical at a high dose once.   If you are pregnant, your developing fetus will also receive a constant low dose of worrisome chemicals at a very susceptible time of development.

Generally speaking what should I  avoid during bathtime?

  • - "Tear-Free": shampoos that claim to be 'tear free' usually (with some exceptions) contain 1,4 dioxane.  This chemical (also common in many conventional household cleaning products) releases  formaldehyde, a known carcinogen.  There are some exceptions, but more often than not this is a claim you might want to avoid.  Instead teach your little ones to close their eyes and tilt their head back (please note, there are some companies like California Baby that do have safe, 'tear free', products.)
  • - Fragrance: Also labelled as 'parfum'.  Personal care companies do not have to disclose what they use in their fragrance.  What we do know is that any given fragrance can sometimes be made up of dozens of different chemicals.   For the most part synthetic fragrances have endocrine disrupting chemicals  and should be avoided.
  • Parabens :  chemicals that end in "-paraben"  are preservatives often used in personal care product.  They are known hormone disrupting chemicals which have been found in breast cancer tumors and have also been linked to reproductive and neurological disorders,
  • Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) are ingredients that are commonly found in children’s products that we expect to be foamy (bubble bath, soap, shampoo, toothpaste).  SLS is derived from palm oil, whose production is resulting in heavy deforestation in south east Asia and linked to climate change and certain animal extinctions.  It is a known skin irritant.  Sodium laureth sulfate (SLES) is the 'worse' of the two, since it is often contaminated with 1,4 dioxane, which gives off formaldehyde, a known  carcinogen
  • - Greenwashing:  Companies that build an imagine on being 'green' and 'safe' while still using known toxic ingredients,  exist and many have  shampoos and body washes marketed to babies and children.   It is important to be aware that any given company could have a 'safe' 'non-toxic product' and also have a similar product that contains iffy ingredients.  According to the Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep Database, companies like Mustela, Babyganics, Burts Bees and Weleda,  all have both safe, non-toxic products as well as products containing  fragrance chemicals which  you are better off avoiding for daily use in kids.

Non-Toxic Munchkin Approved:  
Our favorite Non-Toxic Products for Bathtime

Shampoo and/or Body Wash

California Baby Bubble Bath - Calendula - 13 oz

California Baby Calming Shampoo & Bodywash

California Baby Eczema Shampoo & Bodywash

Beautycounter Baby Gentle All-Over Wash

Are there non-toxic brands you love? Please post comments below! 

Looking for non-toxic bath toys for your little ones?  We have our favorites listed in our shop

(please note, I have not received any compensation from any of these companies.  These are products I have used at home and thoroughly researched and feel safe recommending.   I have included links to Amazon where you can purchase the products.   If you purchase the products through this affiliate link your price will not change  but the commission we receive will be helping support my blog.  Most of these are also readily available at many big box and national pharmacies like Walgreens and CVS nationwide. )

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