Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Day 06: 10 Days of Non-Toxic Living in 2016

Welcome to day 6 of our 10 Days of Non-Toxic Living in 2016!

Yesterday , on Day 05, we explained how not using antimicrobial products and instead washing you and your kid's hands with plain (not antibacterial soap or gels) soap and water, is the safest, healthiest and most efficient way to ward off germs.

 TIP 6:  Tuesday, January 12, 2016: 
Embrace glass 

Look around your kitchen - do you see a lot of plastic?  Baby bottles? Cups?  Plates?  food storage containers? plastic wrap/saran wrap? 

Don’t get me wrong, there is a time and place when plastics can be used and probably should be used -  but this should not be every single day, especially not in your kitchen.  

The reason is that plastic can leach unhealthy chemicals into our food. Chemicals like BPA, similar chemicals used to replace BPA in BPA-free products, phthalates and PVC are commonly found in many of the items listed above.   These chemicals migrate from the plastic container onto your food or drink, especially when exposed to heat- this can happen when you serve hot food on a plate, when you store hot food, when you place plastics in the dishwasher, when you microwave plastics and even when you serve hot milk in a baby bottle.

These chemicals are associated with hormone disruption, developmental (reproductive) disruption and even cancer.  

What is your safest alternative?  Switch to glass.

  • Throw out (or recycle) your plastic food storage containers and invest in a set of glass containers.
  • Stop sending your kids to school with plastic lunch containers- switch to silicon covered glass containers (or stainless steel which weighs less for little kiddos) 
  • Stop using plastic wrap.  It could be bad for you and is bad for the environment.   Cheese clothes, napkins might be better options.
  • Stop the plastic water bottle obsession.  Once again, bad for the planet and probably for you.   Invest in a filter for home use and get yourself a cute silicon covered glass water bottle (or stainless steel!) 
  • Kids are most vulnerable to hormone disrupting chemicals in plastics….  don’t serve them their food on plastic plates and cups;  they deserve and more. Buy some cute silicon covered glass plates for kids for every day use.  Acidic drinks like orange juice can also accelerate the the deterioration of plastic, similar to heat. 
  • Who is even more vulnerable than kids to the hormone disrupting chemicals in some plastics?  Babies.  This is why at this point you should not be using plastic bottles for lil’ babies :  especially if you are heating those bottles up!   Remember even BPA free usually contains bad chemicals.  Switch to glass. 

If you must use plastic (on occasion) avoid Polycarbonate (plastic #7) which contains BPA or similar substitutes.  According to Silent Spring Institute’s Detox Me App “The plastic commonly used in reusable food storage containers (#2 and #5) are thought to be safer , but some studies show these materials also contain estrogenic chemicals and other hormone disruptors.” 

Kid friendly glass

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