Monday, December 14, 2015

Safe, Non-Toxic Holiday Pj's

Few things are cuter than lil'munchkins in their holiday pjs.

 Make sure this year's pjs are non-toxic and flame retardant free by either choosing organic pajamas or snug fitting pjs that come with this yellow tag which specify they are not flame resistant. 

Why do we want to avoid pijamas with flame retardants? 

100% of babies tested in the US  had flame retardant chemicals in their little bodies.  

Flame Retardants have been linked to 
  • Preterm birth
  • altered thyroid function
  • neurodevelopment problems, leading to altered behavior and learning ability
  • obesity 

Flame retardants today are used on tv sets and other electronics, upholstered furniture (sofas, chairs etc), mattresses, car seats, interior of cars, insulation, wiring etc. 

Children, particularly, tend to have higher levels of certain brominated flame retardants than adults do because of  how often they are crawling, playing or laying on the floor where they are in close contact with dust, which is where these chemicals migrate too after leaching out of the products they are sprayed on.

For some absurd reason (which we won't go into here), many loose fitting pijamas contain flame retardants .  Choosing snug fitting pj's or organic pj's  is a super easy way to reduce your children's exposure to these toxic chemicals!

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