Monday, November 30, 2015

2015 Non-Toxic Munchkin Gift Guide

At this point in the holiday season you have been defined as one of two kinds of people
Type A: super organized, got that holiday shopping done before Halloween
Type B: not quite as organized still wondering what to get for the loved ones in your life.

If you fall into Type B (like, ahem, moi) this is your lucky day:  Non-Toxic Munchking teamed up with our fav Santa Monica kiddo store, Caro Bambino, to bring you a truly non-toxic holiday gift guide for the lil' munchkins in your life.

Why is our gift guide so much better than any other gift guide you have come across?

Caro Bambino is a Safe Ducky store.  This means every single item they sell is free of toxic chemicals (which is not the case in many mainstream toy stores, since some toys can expose your kids to endocrine disrupting, cancer causing, neurological disrupting chemicals like lead, cadmium and phthalates.   Read more HERE).   Basically this means you can buy any toy in this store and not worry about exposing your kids to nasty chemicals ... after all, as my son put it,
 " Santa wouldn't put lead in my toys"...

 Most of the items in the list are available online at the Caro Bambino website-  all of them are available in their store in Santa Monica.  They also have free shipping on orders over $100 for the entire month! (for those items not on their website I have provided an Amazon link).

  • Grimms wooden rattles grasping toys (heart and stars) 
All of this German toy company’s toys are made out of a single piece of wood- so cool right? Even more important - if your infant will be placing in their mouth you want to make sure it is non-toxic like these.
Price: $21
  • Haba Sun Rattle
A more colorful option, while still safe and non-toxic for the little ones
Finn & Emma Play Gym Toys
Price: $16.99
Some call them stroller dolls, others call play gym toys, others consider them rattles.  In any case, they are different, organic and adorable  (and a bit expensive but- look how cute they are!) 
Price: $29 set of 2 or $70 set of 4.
Easy to grip, natural non-toxic and wood


This local California company is producing some great heirloom quality and fun toys.  This particular wooden train comes in two color combos:  pink, purple and turquoise and blue, yellow, red and gray.
Price:  $55

Produced locally in California, the bus is easy to grip, ideal for babies as young as 1 yet fun for older kids.
Price: $40- $50

Easy to assemble, thanks to the magnets, beautiful bright colors, made out of wood- get ready for  underwater exploration fun.    
Price:  $20

Looking for a small trinket?  These small Moulin Roty retro wooden planes will inspire your munchkin to aim high.

Tegu blocks are pretty cool... the fact that they are magnetic makes them not only fun to play with but easy to clean up and store - oh yeah and they are flat and wooden, not plastic, so if you happen to step on one in the middle of the night it doesn't hurt as much (yes Legos I am talking to you). This particular set makes a cool helicopter and can morph into just about anything.
Price (17 pc set):  $50- $55
(larger 42 block set) : $115

The Flip ride-on grows with your child.  You can use it before they walk as a rocker and then transform it into a movable cart.
Price: $149

  • Wishbone 3 in 1 Original Bike 
  • The ultimate set of wheels that will grow as your kids grow. This 3 in 1 bike transforms from a tricycle type ride-on to a balance bike..... a stylish one.  It is available in wood color and green

    Price: $229

    Produced locally in California, of sustainable solid maple, this stylish pushcart is any little girls dream.  Any stuffed animal or doll will feel like a prince or princess riding around this pushcart!   
    Price: $150
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    While a bit expensive, this is an adorable set: the box opens into a closet with a bunny and mouse and their respective french styled wardrobe.   I would have loved this as a little girl.
    Price:  $100

    • Loulou the wolf
        This French brands toys and dolls are so..... french!  My favorite is this stylin’ wolf ( I even love the name!).
    Price:  $65
    Each letter has a friendly soft animal that corresponds to the letter sound.... super cute way to learn your abc’s.
    Price:   $40
    Books, in general have become my favorite child gift to give.  This soft book is ideal to snuggle up and read before bedtime, little ones have fun interacting with the book
    Large $35
    Set of 4 small books:  $35
    Caro Bambino’s best sellers, these organic dolls are an adorable crew to hang out with.
    Small:  $44
    Medium:  $54
    Large:  $200

    This shadow puppet theater allows your children to put on their own puppet shows- can we say imaginative play galore?!  Wait until your kiddos start charging you for their shows (ahem- yes that has happens at home)- we call it arts and finance education!
    Price:  $32 - $44
    Shadow puppets for that production - they are fun with or without the theater.
    Price $18.50- $24

    • Wooden Instruments
      Front row, L to R- egg percussion set, whistle, cencertina, guitars
    Do they prefer rock, jazz, classical or flamenco? These instruments are sure to be a hit at home and help the kids form their own band (ear plugs not included, sorry.  Embrace the noise ) 

    Janod Guitar: $50
    Hape large:  $70

    folk music anyone? One of Caro Bambino's best sellers
    Price:$16- $26

    Even little kiddos can get in on the musical action
    Price:  $15- $20

    Whistle:  Made from environmentally friendly Rubberwood with a non-toxic clear coat finish and water based VOC free paint.
    Price:  $8

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