Thursday, November 1, 2012

Congratulations Your Pregnant! Now what? A Non-Toxic Munchkin's Guide to a Green and Pure Pregnancy.

I think most mothers, if not all, understand  that pregnancy is a time to be healthy.  Many of us become preoccupied with researching all things organic in what can seem like a sometimes overwhelming push to become healthier as moms to -ultimately- offer a healthier beginning for our babies.

Is this non-toxic living thing a hormone induced exaggeration?   Is it a passing trend?  Not really.   The science is clear:  pregnancy is considered a 'window of susceptibility' - a period of time when we are especially vulnerable to toxic chemicals (the other windows include, fetal development, infancy, childhood and adolescence) More and more studies are showing links between exposure to certain common chemicals during pregnancy to everything from preterm births and higher  risk later in life to birth defects,  childhood behavioral problems, diabetes, cancers and the list goes on.