Friday, August 10, 2012

How To Reduce BPA Levels By 60% In 3 Days

Oh what a summer!  Even though I  have been away from Non-Toxic Munchkin this summer, I have continued  to collect info throughout the summer that I hope to share with everyone in the coming weeks.  

Today, however, a new study came out that inspired me to come back to Non-Toxic Munchkin  a bit earlier than I had planned!

The study, conducted by the Breast Cancer Fund and the Silent  Spring Institute, answers two important questions:
  1. What is the leading source of the BPA that contaminates our bodies? Food packaging (cans, plastic containers etc)
  2.  If we removed that source, how much would our BPA levels drop? A lot! (read on!)
The study looked at 5 families and measured their BPA levels at each of these three staged:
  • First, the families ate their normal diet.
  • Then, the families ate 3 days of freshly prepared organic meals that avoided contact with BPA-containing food packaging, such as canned food and polycarbonate plastic. 
  • Finally, the families returned to their normal diets.
The results?   By simply removing BPA from food packaging (cans, plastic containers etc) the family's BPA levels dropped, on average, by 60% (in some families it dropped by as much as 76%!).

The findings are HUGE.

 It means that, as parents, we can have a HUGE impact on our family's BPA levels.   By taking a couple of easy steps at home, we can dramatically limit our family's BPA  exposure.   What can we do?
  • Switch to stainless steel and glass for food storage ( for leftovers at home as well as when preparing our children's lunchboxes).
  • Never microwave plastic containers;  Instead move foods to ceramic or glass.
  • Eat out less, especially at restaurants that do not use fresh ingredients.
  • Limit canned food consumption.  Download the Breast Cancer Funds 10 Canned Foods to Avoid wallet card for your next shopping trip.
  • Choose fresh fruits and vegetables when possible.  Take them out of any plastic containers they might come in when you get home.
  • Soak dried beans for cooking (you can make extra and freeze them) instead of using canned beans.
  • Limit your usage of plastic water bottles.   Opt to carry around a glass or stainless steel water bottle and buy a filter for your home.

... as a refresher, here is more information on what BPA is and why you want to avoid it.   For more details read our blog post "The ABC's of BPA" 

  • BPA is in every single person on earth.
  • Small amounts of BPA exposure over a long period of time  add up! 
  • BPA has been linked with breast cancer, prostate cancer, early puberty, infertility, obesity, among other ailments.

  •  Clear, shatter-proof,  hard plastics (water bottles, toys, plastic cups, food containers etc)
  • Canned foods and beverages
  • Store receipts

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