Thursday, April 26, 2018

Baby Wipes and Food Allergies

photo credit:  Photofy

 A new study by Northwestern University researchers found that  childhood food allergies, which have been on the rise for years, are linked to a mix of environmental and genetic factors including the use of baby wipes.

Basically, what the study found was  that food allergies are triggered when pre existing genetic factors that alter skin absorbency are combined with:

  1.  Infant cleansing wipes that leave soap on the skin (The top layer of skin is made of fat, which can be disrupted by soap and soapy chemicals in wipes)
  2.   The child’s skin is exposed to allergens in dust.
  3. The child’s skin is exposed to food.   (this is most commonly from the person taking care of them or a sibling who- for example- ate peanut butter and then comes to kiss them or caress their hand) 

The solution? 

  1.  Preferably, when at home use homemade wipes (you can use disposable or reusable small towels dipped in water for basic clean-ups.  For messier situations plain non-toxic soap and water)
  2. If you have to use wipes, use brands that are as natural and non-toxic as possible without any  added nor unnecessary chemicals  
  3. Rinse any remaining soap left from wipes off with water, after using wipes 
  4. Always wash your hands before handling young babies- especially if you were previously eating.

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