Saturday, January 20, 2018

Lead Found in Older Models of Hevea Glass Baby Bottles with Natural Rubber Cover

An in home test kit shows paint on this baby bottle testing positive for lead

MAJOR NEWS -  @leadsafemama and @creativegreenliving recently broke news that the 'Hevea Baby Glass Bottle with Natural Rubber Cover' (pictured) model could be exposing you and your baby to lead. They conducted their own testing and allegedly found lead in the paint on the glass baby bottles. 

 I contacted Hevea USA and they said,
 "HEVEA is dedicated to bringing safe and non-toxic products to the market. All our products are tested by international testing agencies and comply with all relevant international standards incl. CPSIA Section 101 Standard and FDA CPG 7117.06 & 7117.07. This naturally also goes for the HEVEA Baby Bottles, which have been tested by Unitec less than a year ago. The Bottles passed without any remarks.

The HEVEA Baby Bottles were upgraded last year, with new 4oz bottles produced by one of the World’s leading manufacturers in Germany. These bottles replaced the former 5oz version, which was produced by a Chinese manufacturer. Both bottles were tested before launch, and both passed without any remarks. It has been brought to our attention, that the printed logo on the former bottles of Chinese make, might contain lead. This is according to an online blogger, and we are naturally looking into this issue to see if we can verify the result.

Our dedication to Safe and Non-toxic products does not leave room for doubt, and even though the bottles in question already have been discontinued by HEVEA and replaced with German-produced bottles, we have informed our retailers so they can take appropriate action with any remaining inventory and with their customers.

HEVEA is offering to replace any old bottle of Chinese make with a new German produced 4oz. The old bottles are best recognized by having a volume of 5 oz., where the new bottle contain 4 oz."

Curious, I went online on Amazon and looked up " Hevea baby Glass bottle with natural rubber cover"  and ordered the first one that came up.   It arrived 2 days ago (January 18th, 2018).   When I opened it I immediately realized it was actually the "older"  Chinese made model (a 5 oz bottle) and not the newer, German MAde 4 oz bottle.   

Still, I decided to conduct my own, at home, lead test with a  3M Lead Testing Kit......and the results came back positive, almost immediately, for lead.   Just how much lead?  Well, I don't know but 3M LeadCheck® Swabs are approved to detect lead in paints at 0.5% (5,000 ppm)- sometimes more and , according to the consumer products safety comission in the USA, with a few limited exceptions  all children's products manufactured must not contain more than 100 parts per million (ppm) of total lead content in accessible parts.  That is legally, but really there is absolutely NO safe lead exposure level.  Period .  Especially for infants intended to use this product.   

If you have one of the "older"  versions of this bottle you can contact your retailer or Hevea directly and they will refund your money and send you their new German made version (which does not contain paint at all and thus no lead) 


  1. The Toys and Children's Products Safety Appeal Board Panel is established under section 15 of the Toys and Children's Products Safety Ordinance (Cap 424), which was enacted testing machine

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