Sunday, January 28, 2018

Are 'Non-Toxic' Children's Art Supplies Really Non-Toxic?

My kids are obsessed with art.    They paint non stop in their preschool and my youngest comes home completely covered in paint on most days.

Art is a wonderful way for kids to explore and express themselves-  for older kids and adults it can be a great stress and anxiety reliever.   Art makes most people happy- so much so that I actively look for options for  my older son to continue with his artistic expression outside of school since, sadly, his school does not offer too much of a chance to do this.

Parents ask me constantly:  how safe are art supplies? Are paints labeled as ‘non-toxic’ truly non-toxic?   

The answer:   maybe, but not necessarily.  

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Lead Found in Older Models of Hevea Glass Baby Bottles with Natural Rubber Cover

An in home test kit shows paint on this baby bottle testing positive for lead

MAJOR NEWS -  @leadsafemama and @creativegreenliving recently broke news that the 'Hevea Baby Glass Bottle with Natural Rubber Cover' (pictured) model could be exposing you and your baby to lead. They conducted their own testing and allegedly found lead in the paint on the glass baby bottles. 

 I contacted Hevea USA and they said,
 "HEVEA is dedicated to bringing safe and non-toxic products to the market. All our products are tested by international testing agencies and comply with all relevant international standards incl. CPSIA Section 101 Standard and FDA CPG 7117.06 & 7117.07. This naturally also goes for the HEVEA Baby Bottles, which have been tested by Unitec less than a year ago. The Bottles passed without any remarks.

The HEVEA Baby Bottles were upgraded last year, with new 4oz bottles produced by one of the World’s leading manufacturers in Germany. These bottles replaced the former 5oz version, which was produced by a Chinese manufacturer. Both bottles were tested before launch, and both passed without any remarks. It has been brought to our attention, that the printed logo on the former bottles of Chinese make, might contain lead. This is according to an online blogger, and we are naturally looking into this issue to see if we can verify the result.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Formaldehyde : The Toxin You Breathe In Every Single Day & How To Reduce Your Home Exposure

photo credit:  @motherhoodismymuse

Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen.   Many people, when exposed to even low levels of formaldehyde will start to feel eye, nose, throat, and skin irritation, coughing, wheezing, and other allergic reactions.  Others will feel nothing, even if they are being exposed. Unfortunately, long term exposure to high levels of formaldehyde has been associated with cancer in humans and laboratory animals.  Generally, children, older adults, and people with asthma and other breathing problems are more likely to experience symptoms.

 Most people know enough to avoid formaldehyde, and yet it is one of the most prevalent pollutants in your home's indoor air.   The reason?   

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

A GIVEAWAY For a Non-Toxic and Healthy New Year!

I have never published  a guest post on Non-Toxic Munchkin, but when Samantha Sirota approached me with an idea for a post and a giveaway for my readers I could not resist.   Samantha and her husband Mark founded Good Life Organics in 2010.  Good Life Organics is a Los Angeles based weekly delivery service of fresh, in season, organic fruits and vegetables - one that I personally have been using for three years now!  What sets their delivery service apart is that;
  1. Affordability: boxes start at $16 a week!
  2. Supports Schools and Local Farms! They allows family’s to bring home the best-tasting fruits and veggies while directly supporting sustainable agriculture and our local school (you can choose your own school to support!) .  So far, Good Life Organics has raised over $100,000 for local schools in west Los Angeles.
  3. Time Saver: For me, the weekly delivery box saves me a second midweek trip to the supermarket/farmers market (we always run out of fresh fruits especially!) 
Now that the New Year has officially begun - there is no easier way to stick to your healthy eating and non-toxic living resolutions!   Read Samantha’s article below for tips on pesticide free eating, her favorite recipes that will get the pickiest little eaters asking for veggies and fruits and a not to be missed GIVEAWAY!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Should I Feed my Children Turmeric?

Last year my doctor suggested I start taking turmeric to help with inflammation and an ovarian cyst (TMI? hope not!).   I had heard of how healthy and great turmeric is and the more I researched the more I wondered if my kids could also be benefiting from turmeric....