Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Why 'BPA free, Pthalate free and PVC free' Isn't Always the Best Choice

I saw this water bottle on my walk home today and couldn't help but think of the child who it belonged too... no doubt their parents bought this water bottle from a well known and 'trusted' company thinking it was a safe option for their child... it is marketed as "  BPA free, Pthalate free and PVC free'... so why wouldn't a parent think it is a safe option for their little one?  Well.....

1.  most plastics, even BPA-free plastics, have been found to contain possibly contain harmful chemicals with estrogenic activity.

2.  plastic exposed to heat (like the sun) for an extended period of time can accelerate the leaching of chemicals into the water

Better alternatives?   Glass and stainless steel! These are some of our favorite AND  safer alternatives for water bottles for the kiddos in your life... 
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