Sunday, October 29, 2017

San Francisco Bans Toxic Flame Retardant Chemicals in Children's Items and All Furniture- What this Means Even if you Don't Live in San Fran

Soon some parents will not have to worry that their children's furniture
could be exposing them to toxic flame retardant chemicals 

San Francisco's Board of Supervisors  quietly passed a major law his past week.  They banned  the sale of all upholstered furniture and children’s products "made with or containing an added flame retardant chemical" (well - to be exact banned the sale of products containing flame retardant chemicals at a level above 1,000 parts per million)

The law goes into effect in January 2019, giving retailers a year to move their inventory.

What if I don't live in San Francisco?
It still is pretty major news.  The reality is that if this trickles down to the rest of the state of California it might just automatically trickle down to the rest of the US because California is the biggest market in the US and most companies will not produce two products (one with flame retardant chemicals for the rest of the US and one without for California and Maine - who recently passed a similar ban).   

Also, if you are looking for a children's product (or furniture) without flame retardant chemicals you can always purchase it from a local San Francisco store!  

What does the ban include?

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Savant Magazine Features Non-Toxic Munchkin

" my motto is : it is not a diet. It is not a detox. It is a way of life.  That is the goal when you set out to create a non-toxic home".                 

 So excited to have been featured in London's Savant Magazine - they are a leading European publication for Sustainable Living and Fashion.  Check out my interview with them, featuring key tips for families wanting to transition to a non-toxic home!  

Monday, October 16, 2017


Photo Credit: National Geographic

(every day we will be adding to our story with the Tip of the day for using less plastic! )

This week we are joining @Yourzenmama,  @mind_and_motion and @green4ema in a no plastic challenge ( #noplasticchallengeoct16 )!  Every day will be offering tips on how to reduce plastics in your everyday life and why.

One of the main reasons?  Our kiddos are watching.   As moms and dads we have the power to form the next generation's relationship with plastic and with our Earth.  If they grow up in a house that does not abuse plastics, that consciously opts for safer more sustainable alternatives,  then it will become second nature for them to grow up into adults that do not abuse plastics.  

 Imagine if we are able to raise a generation that uses less plastic?!  It would be huge:  our children and our grandchildren will reap the benefits not only of a healthier less polluted planet but of a healthier less polluted body.   All it takes is for us to shift our mindset and habits about plastic.

Let's start today!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Detoxing Your Baby's Umbilical Cord Blood

Wait, what?   Clean up a baby’s umbilical chord blood?  Nothing should be more protected nor purer, right?  Well, unfortunately today’s babies have over 200  industrial chemicals and pollutants running through their umbilical cord blood. Some of  these chemicals have never been tested for safety on infants nor fetus’, others we know are toxic with serious health repercussions.  

The good news?   If you want to you can drastically reduce the number of chemicals that your unborn child is exposed to - but, even though I usually recommend small steps to not get overwhelmed in your quest for a less chemically dependent life, if you are already pregnant the time to start is NOW (ideally this process should start before you get pregnant).  

Sunday, October 1, 2017

DIY Non-Toxic Face Paint: For Halloween and Beyond

Kids love face paint. What better way to become a pirate or a princess or a butterfly or tiger than with face paint, right?   

Unfortunately, most store bought face paints have really toxic chemicals including   lead (and high levels of it) talc (linked to cancer), chromium, barium, endocrine disrupting fragrance chemicals (for more details on what is in your face paint check out an article I wrote for The Tot recently) 

I now cringe when I see a face painting station at  birthday parties or fairs because, truthfully, the struggle is real.  The kids LOVE getting fun designs and I don't always want to be the mean mom that says no.