Friday, August 4, 2017

The Not So Romantic Reason You Should Switch Out Your Candles and Buy Non-Toxic Ones

Need some time to unwind this weekend?  How many of us will turn to candles? 

Women, especially, love them.  We love to gift them and we  love to receive them as gifts. Lighting candles can instantly transport you to a remote tropical island, a snow capped chalet, a spa like atmosphere,  a romantic set or a childless, organized quiet home!  They are quite powerful, candles.

Unfortunately most of the candles we find in stores - yes, even the expensive ones with the glorious smells and designer cases- are made of paraffin wax a petroleum byproduct that gives of the same chemicals that diesel fuel fumes give off (benzene and toluene).  EECK. Not to mention the undisclosed list of fragrance chemicals they give off some of which are known hormone disruptors!   

Not quite that romantic or relaxing now that you know the truth right?

The good news is that there are safer less toxic options:  beeswax candles (make sure you find 100% beeswax since some companies have been known to mixing with paraffin), coconut oil candles and even soy candles (although pretty much all soybeans are genetically modified which require huge amounts of toxic pesticides - so try to find non GMO soybeans).  Also, look for cotton wicks!

Here are some of our favorites

Big Dipper Wax Works AG8HAR Pure Lavender Beeswax Candle in an Apothecary Glass, 3.2 oz

Wild Beautiful Free (7.5 oz.) Organic Aromatherapy Candle (CITRUS & FLORAL Essential Oils) HOPE: Uplifting Scent, 50-60 Hour Burn (Vegan, Healthy, Non-Toxic, Made in USA) Candles Save Lions!

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