Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Best Alternative to Plastic Cups for Kids

What cups do you use at home with the kids everyday? 

Plastic cups (including BPA free) 
Cheap, plastic cups (you know the type - usually decorated with the most popular cartoon characters!) made overseas still often contain endocrine disrupting BPA.  Even BPA free plastic is often made with a chemical that is very similar to BPA with massive endocrine disrupting properties.   These cups can leech the chemicals into your children's drink- especially when the plastic is washed in the washing machine or when acidic drinks like OJ are served.   

Generally considered safer than plastic, melamina can sometimes leech a chemical associated with renal failure (at extremely high dosis) when heated (you can read more about the study that found this in our IS MELAMINE SAFE FOR MY KIDS post ).  

In general, it is safer than plastic, just avoid using with hot liquids or very acidic liquids.  

Glass, silicon and  stainless steel 

Jackpot,  These are your safest options, epsecially for kids.   They can be used for acidic liquids, they can be placed in a hot dishwasher and you do not have to worry about any chemicals leeching into your children's drinks.  

Bottomline:  Invest in a set of cups in any of these materials- they will last forever and really are the best options for little kids if you want to avoid nasty chemicals.   

These are some of our favorite options


  1. what are your thoughts on turvis tumbler cups?

    1. I see they have a stainless steel option. I would say ok to these since it is a good quality ss being used as long as the area where you drink from is made of stainless steel and not plastic? I can't tell from the picture online.

  2. Hi!
    What is the cheapest material that we can use to manufacture an eco-friendly children's cup?