Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Coming Soon- The First Flame Retardant Free Infant Car Seat

(in December 2016 a new study tested 15 car seats for flame retardant chemicals.   To read the results, and how this Uppababy model did, read our blog post ' FLAME RETARDANTS CHEMICALS STILL USED IN ALL BUT ONE CAR SEAT BRAND TESTED (NEW STUDY)

We talk a lot about flame retardants and car seats on this blog.    Parents constantly contact me for the newest studies and for help in determining what car seat they should buy for their munchkins that will be safe and also expose them to the least amount of toxic flame retardants.

The laws, currently, in the US require all children's car seats to meet the same flammability standards as the rest of the car interior.  To do this most car seat companies add chemical flame retardants.   The problem with flame retardants is that they are known to be linked to a long list of serious ailments including cancer, birth defects, reproductive harm, developmental challenges, infertility and hormone disruption.    

Michigan's Ecology Center is the most recent study  that specifically tested for flame retardants in car seats and they found all car seats had flame retardants, however some were using flame retardants that are considered 'safer' while others were using some very well known and toxic flame retardants (we have a complete breakdown of this study and what the least toxic car seat option currently is in our blog post THE CAR SEAT DILEMMA: THEY SAVE LIVES BUT COULD THEY BE MAKING KIDS SICK? HOW TO CHOOSE THE LEAST TOXIC CAR SEAT IN 2015  you can also shop for the models that tested with the lowest levels of toxic flame retardant in our Amazon Shop.  Click on the link !) 

Duke University's Superfund  Research Center has also been actively testing for flame retardants in many products, including car seats.   Their most recently published results (accounting for testing done through June 2016) tested 98 car seats of which 72  tested positive for more than one flame retardant.   Unfortunately for us parents,  they cannot reveal the brands of the 26 cars seats found not to contain the toxic flame retardants.  

The good news is that last week Uppa Baby revealed their 2017 car seat model which they claim will be " a first-to-market fire retardant free infant car seat ".  Their MESA model in Henry (blue marl color) will use a naturally fire resistant wool blend to achieve the fire protection the law requires without added chemicals. This wool blends  will make up the seat fabric & SIP carriage cover.   The idea being, they can meet the flammability standard by encasing the foam in the car seat with naturally fire resistant fabric.

In the past, company's like Orbit baby, have made claims to not use fire retardant chemicals and have been found to indeed be using  the worse kind of fire retardant chemicals - so we really really hope Uppa Baby is serious with their new product and that other companies then follow their lead.   We will have to wait some months to see!

The 2017 Mesa  with the Henry color is here and retails for $349.  You can buy it on Amazon here: 
UPPAbaby MESA Infant Car Seat, Henry

June 2017 UPDATE:
The UppaBaby Mesa Car Seat in Henry Fabric is finally available on Amazon!
Click on the link below!
UPPAbaby MESA Infant Car Seat, Henry

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