Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Not All Stainless Steel Thermal Containers Are Created Equal

Guess what? 
Not all stainless steel thermal containers are created equal.
You might already know that you want to avoid placing hot food in plastic thermal containers ( the reason? The heat could cause the plastic to leach worrisome chemicals like BPA, or similar chemicals sometimes found in BPA free plastics, into the food).

You would be correct to, then, opt for a stainless steel thermal container- but guess what?
Most stainless steel containers have plastic caps/ tops... so there is always a bit of plastic that could potentially leach something into your food. 

Your best bet? 

Choose a stainless steel thermos that has a stainless steel top- like the one pictured, LunchBots Thermal 8 oz. All Stainless Steel Interior - Insulated Food Container Stays Warm for 6 Hours or Cold for 12 Hours - Leak Proof Soup Jar for Portable Convenience - Gray . This way, absolutely no plastic comes into contact with your or your kiddo's food. Why not reduce the risk?

The pictured thermos, and other safe options for lunch and snacks on the go, can also be found at our Non-Toxic Munchkin Amazon store!   

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