Sunday, August 28, 2016

No One Regulates The Ingredients In Your Family's Shampoo, Bath Gel, Moisturizer, Makeup etc Should You?

Did you know that most products we buy over the counter in a store or pharmacy are not regulated by anyone?   

There is absolutely no legal requirement that cosmetic companies ensure their products are safe before selling them... they don't even have to publish what ingredients are in their products... so, yes, even chemicals linked to cancer, chemicals that mess with your hormones and are linked to other serious illnesses can be - and are - found in everyday products.

Let me say that again:  no one is regulating the "personal care " products sold over the counter for  babies, children and adults. Companies can put whatever they want in these products and not tell anyone.  


Saturday, August 13, 2016

Non-Toxic and Cool 2016 Back to School Guide!

It is officially that time of the year again- as we prepare to say goodbye to the long hot summer days, parents and children everywhere are getting ready for the new school year. 

Back to school shopping might have already started at your house.... or if you are like me - this weekend and next week will be a busy one getting ready for the start of the new school year!

Because all kids want school supplies that fit their personalities and we parents want them to have safe products that wont expose them to nasty toxic chemicals, here is your 2016 Non-Toxic Munchkin Back To School Guide for kids of all ages.