Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Our Fav Non-Toxic Sunscreens Right Now- Have You Tried Them?

Summer is well underway, and we have had plenty of time to try a couple of new safe sunblocks.   Some we have loved, whie others - truth be told- have left us a bit too white and oily.   If you are currently looking for your next fav sunblock - here are 3 to try.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Pucker Up: Why Lipstick Should Be The First Non-Toxic Cosmetic You Switch Too

'Clean' Beautycounter lipstick in Scarlet 

Do you use lipstick?  
If so, here is something to think about :
The average women applies lipstick from 2 - 14 times every day

How much lipstick is the average woman ingesting?  
As much as 87 milligrams of product a day… every single day for years, even decades.  

Something more to think about? 
A 2010 FDA study  found lead in 400 lipsticks at levels up to 7.19 ppm.  a UC Berkley 2013 study went on to find more chemicals of concern in common lipsticks.  In addition to lead they found cadmium, chromium, aluminum and titanium.

If you are a daily user of lipstick you might want to think twice before you use it again today - especially if you are pregnant since these heavy metals (especially lead) can be particularly bad for the developing fetus.   Some studies have found (obviously, depending on the lipstick) in some cases women who slathered lipstick on (14 times a day or more) were meeting or surpassing the daily recommended exposure to chromium, aluminum, and manganese. 

Should you care?   Yes!