Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Day 2: 10 Days of Non-Toxic Living

Welcome to day 2 of our 10 Days of Non-Toxic Living in 2016!

Yesterday, Day 01, we explained how that new clothing you bought or were gifted over the holidays can expose you and your family to numerous chemicals and why it is so important to wash your new clothes before wearing them.  Today, we have another super easy to follow tip that can dramatically reduce the chemicals you and your family are exposed to on a daily basis:

 TIP 2:  Tuesday, January 5, 2016: 
Open your windows! Daily.  

Why?   The air inside most homes, schools and office buildings is actually more contaminated with chemicals than the air outside.   Seriously (unless you live in certain cities in India which have the worse air pollution in the world).  Chemicals from cleaning products, air fresheners, flame retardants in furniture, lead in paint or toys, VOC's from paint or furniture and various other chemicals from commonly used products migrate into our house's air and dust, making a tightly sealed house a pretty toxic one.   Opening the windows in your house allows fresh air to enter your house and circulate.  Fresh air is always good!

Personally, I never used to open my windows.  In winter it was too cold and in summer too hot and the air conditioner would escape... however now it is part of our daily routine, even is only for a few minutes. So easy and so efficient!

See you tomorrow for TIP 3 of our 10 Days of Non-Toxic Living in 2016

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