Monday, January 11, 2016

Day 05: 10 Days of Non-Toxic Living in 2016

Welcome to day 5 of our 10 Days of Non-Toxic Living in 2016!

Last time, on Day 04, we explained how saying "no" to thermal store receipts will reduce BPA exposure (and is better for the environment!).

 Today's tip will also reduce your exposure to another endocrine disrupting chemical.  It is a call to go "back to basics"  and a tip that can easily  become part of your daily routine: 

( teach your children to wash their hands with plain soap and water for at least 20 seconds!)

 TIP 5:  Monday, January 11, 2016: 
Stop using antimicrobial products.  Instead wash you and your kid's hands with plain (not antibacterial soap or gels) soap and water.

WHY?  Yes, I know we are in the middle of winter and many people resort to gel sanitizers and antibacterial soaps to avoid getting the flu and other illnesses, but the truth is that many antimicrobial products use ingredients like triclosan and other similar chemicals to kill microbes.   Triclosan alters the levels of thyroid hormones and reproductive hormones (estrogen and testosterone) potentially resulting in increase risk of infertility,  (decreasing levels of testosterone and sperm production) early puberty and other hormone related problems.  It is especially worrisome when this type of hormone mimicking chemical is used on a daily basis (as is the case in most schools in addition to playgrounds) on young children since their developing bodies are more sensitive to the effect of all chemicals.

Additionally, antibiotic resistance increases with the abuse of antimicrobial products.   

Alcohol, another antibacterial ingredient commonly used in gels instead of triclosan, is slightly better but also quite drying. 

Finally, fragrance can be found in just about every hand sanitizing gels and antibacterial soap, which means exposure to phthalates, another endocrine disrupting chemical linked to  cancer, impaired fertility and male birth defects.

Extra tip:  By training yourself and your family to lather up for 20 seconds with normal soap you will be killing the same germs. Studies have found that antibacterial soaps with triclosan  were no more effective at preventing illness or reducing bacteria than plain soap. Teach your kids to sing a song while they wash their hands to make sure they wash for at least 20 seconds (that is about the length of singing the ABC’s slowly).

Some our favorite plain hand soaps and body washes:

Dr. Bronner's Fair Trade & Organic Castile Liquid Soap - (Almond, 32 oz)

Dr. Bronner's Fair Trade & Organic Castile Liquid Soap - (Unscented, 16 oz)

Kirk's Natural Castile Soap Original - 4 oz Each / Pack of 3

The Honest Company Foaming Hand Soap - Mandarin - 8.5 oz

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