Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Day 03: 10 Days of Non-Toxic Living

Welcome to day 3 of our 10 Days of Non-Toxic Living in 2016!

Yesterday, Day 02, we explained the importance of opening your windows every single day (regardless of weather!) allows toxins stuck indoors to circulate and exit your home.

 Today, we have another super easy to follow tip that can dramatically reduce the chemicals you and your family are exposed to on a daily basis:

 TIP 3:  Wednesday, January 6, 2016: 
Rethink you and your lil' munchkins moisturizer

 I know, we are in the middle of winter and most of us need some serious moisturizing, as do our kiddos.  

Our entire body can benefit from moisturizing - which means that if you are using a fruity smelling conventional moisturizer you could be, literally, massaging numerous potentially harmful chemicals onto your body’s largest organ. 

Most mainstream moisturizers do not label the ingredients they use (because, in the US, no beauty or personal care product needs to be tested for safety by any governing body) and many contain chemicals like phthalates /fragrance, parabens etc that have been linked to messing with your hormones, cancer, skin allergies and even asthma.  

Instead?  Try organic unrefined oils instead - yes the very same oils you might have on your kitchen counter are also excellent moisturizer.  My favs are organic coconut oil , shea butter and I hear safflower oil is good too!  

Added benefit?   These are 100% safe for infants and pregnant mamas and cheaper than most store bought moisturizers.

Plan B?   If you just have to use a store bought moisturizer, make sure you buy non-toxic moisturizers by always:
  • Reading labels, which can give you clues as to which products are less toxic than others.  
                       Look for “phthalate free” and “paraben free”
                      Avoid: fragrance or perfume  benzophenone, cyclomethicone, octinoxate, octyl    methoxycinnamate and oxybenzone
  • Checking the product and/or questionable ingredients on the EWG skin deep database,  Think Dirty App, and Detox Me (by Silent Spring Institute)
Although we use organic coconut oil at home for the kids and adults,  I do sometimes indulge in store bought moisturizers. Some products I like now: 

Want to read more on choosing a safe moisturizer?  Read our blog post:  

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