Thursday, November 5, 2015

Healthy Eating These Holidays!? Yes It Is Possible

Healthy Child Healthy World 'Healthy Holidays' event featuring Bioray Herbal Supplements, Organic Pastures Raw Milk Products and Aloha Superfood Chocolate 

Healthy and Holidays are not two words we tend to use together, however Healthy Child Healthy World set out to convince some of us that this can actually happen:  we can have a healthy holiday season.   The key when it comes to eating during the holidays?

  • Choose foods that you can track.  Whole foods in their original state instead of heavily processed foods.  Fresh food, simple ingredients.
  • Avoid sugar as much as possible.  The reality is that sugar has increasingly been shown to not be good for you or your children and many have classified it as toxic.  Try decreasing your sugar intake and instead substituting with ALOHA Organic Coconut Water Powder, 6 Ounce or at least decreasing the amount you eat this holiday. One recent study showed that overweight children's health improved after only 10 days of eating less sugar)
  • Consider researching herbs and supplements like chlorella that are said to remove toxic heavy
    metals, pesticides and chemicals from your body.  If you are going to try these make sure to purchase reputable brands like Bioray (approved by Healthy Child Health World, they gave a short presentation at last night's event) 


Healthy, easy, pretty,  kid friendly desert?  It doesn't get any better than this, especially now that the holidays are fast approaching and entertainment obligations are constantly tempting us all with not so healthy food options.

After attending the event last night,  we went home with some great - and very tasty, recipes our little munchkins are sure to approve of.

RAW MILK* Homemade Whipped Creme
Organic Pasture's Angie demonstrating how
easy it is to make whipped creme

By far this was my favorite of the night.  Not only is this amazingly delicious, but it is ridiculously easy to make.  As in:  my five year old could probably make it without adult supervision.  I kid you not.

But first-

Why Raw Milk?
Raw milk is actually an amazing source of good bacteria that helps keep your gut and body healthy.   Recent reports have highlighted just how important your gut health can be, among many benefits they boost digestion and immune system.  A recent New York Times article described how " Anxiety, depression and several pediatric disorders, including autism and hyperactivity, have been linked with gastrointestinal abnormalities....The larger concept is, and this is pure speculation: Is a disease like autism really a disease of the brain or maybe a disease of the gut or some other aspect of physiology?"

Is raw milk dangerous?
The difference between raw milk and store bought milk is that store bought milk (organic or conventional) is pasteurized and usually homogenized.  Raw milk comes straight from the cow.  Nothing is done to it. Pasteurization  kills disease-causing germs, such as CampylobacterE. coli, and Salmonella.  The US Center for Disease Control (CDC) advises staying away from raw milk due to the risk of illness because of the lack of pasteurization.   If you want to try raw milk, I would stay away from it if you are pregnant and avoid giving it to small children.  

* This recipe can also be made with pasteurized organic heavy creme.  I also hear you can substitute full fat coconut cream for a different, albeit still probably delicious, taste. 

Lactose Intolerant can tolerate raw milk
Raw milk, much like breast milk, can pretty much digest itself so lactose intolerant folks can actually drink and enjoy raw milk


  • Raw milk creme (or organic heavy creme)
  • Vanilla extract
  • Maple sugar (or other sweetener )
  • Glass jar with lid.   (Make sure it is not more than 2/3 full before you start shaking the mixture)

  • Put raw milk creme and glass container in the freezer for 10-15 minutes 
  • Pour in 1 cup of creme into a glass container (use a container with a lid since you will be doing some heavy shaking in a few seconds!) 
  • Add 1 teaspoon of pure vanilla extract (you could also put in cocoa powder instead if you love cocoa, but I have not tried it with cocoa)
  • Add 1-2 Tablespoons of your sweetener of choice.  For the demonstration they added pure organic maple syrup- it tasted delicious,  however you could use coconut sugar, Stevia, date sugar etc).  How much depends on how sweet you like it.  Anywhere between 1-2 Tablespoons should work (at the event they added 2 Tbsp pure maple syrup) 
  • Add a pinch of salt
  • Once you have all the ingredients in the jar, place lid on jar and start shaking.   The cooler the mixture stays the faster it will thicken , so try to shake with one hand, since two hands can warm up the creme.

You will know it is ready because, while shaking, you will hear the mixture start off sounding very liquid-y  and slowly start sounding denser - until you cannot hear any more liquids being shaken (about 10 minutes of continuous shaking?) .  If you get tired you can take a break and put it in the freezer and then continue your shaking a bit later.
Photo credit:  Forgiving Martha

The result is delicious whipped creme.  Perfect for serving with berries or on a Pavlova like this gluten free dairy free (with coconut milk instead of raw creme) from Forgiving Martha  I am dying to try!

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