Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Finding a Facial Moisturizer That Doesnt Expose Me To Harmful Chemicals Shouldn't Take 30 Minutes...

After almost 6 years of researching the perils of chemicals that we are exposed to everyday I have my go-to list of products I use on a daily basis, which I know do not expose me to toxic chemicals. However, on occasion I like to experiment and try out new products. I also like to have a 'real life' shoppers experience and try buying non-toxic products at stores where most American women buy their beauty supplies. With that in mind I headed to my local Walgreen's today to find a night moisturizing creme.

What words best describe my shopping experience? Annoying. Frustrating. I could go on. I spent about half an hour of my morning cross checking just about every nighttime moisturizer I found at Walgreens. All major brands we are all familiar with. Many claiming to be 'natural' and yet only ONE in today's entire store rated less than a 4 on the Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep Database.

( As a side note for those of you not familiar with this database. The Environmental Working Group is a great resource for anyone who wants to choose safer, less toxic products. Their Skin Deep Database rates almost every skincare product that is out on the market.... the lower the rating the better -less toxic- its ingredients. Before buying your next makeup, hair product, skin product or nail care product I suggest you check out their database to see how your favorite products rate and perhaps to try a safer alternative if need be!)

Clearly our laws have to change to make shopping safer for everyone - not everyone has a Whole Foods nearby, not everyone knows to check EWG's Skin Deep Database and not everyone knows what safer alternatives to buy, or where to find them.

If you feel like taking action consider this: Our nation’s current chemical law was written about 39 years ago. And now the Senate is considering a "reform" bill written by chemical industry lobbyists! Healthy Child Healthy World has a pre-written form you can fill in with your information and that you can send to your local representative to encourage a better more effective chemical reform bill

In the meantime here are some of my trusty -go to night moisturizing cremes for the winter months ahead

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