Wednesday, September 9, 2015

One Small Switch = Big Impact On Your Exposure to Endocrine Mimicking Chemicals

It can seem difficult to reduce plastic usage when there is so much plastic around us:  water bottles, toys, plates, cutlery, food containers, deli packaging, food wrap, baby bottles, dental sealants, etc etc.  However, small changes in your daily routine can indeed make a big impact by reducing your exposure to endocrine disrupting chemical found in plastics.   

Why should you reduce your family's usage of plastic? 
Well, many plastics are made up of hormone disrupting chemicals (it is not only BPA!) that can affect how estrogen and other hormones act in the body and have been linked to increase breast cancer risks, obesity, infertility and even brain development

One easy change?
Remember how your grandmother received milk delivered by the milkman?  I do..... and it was actually much healthier milk than the plastic gallons we usually buy in the supermarket!  Glass will not leach chemicals into your milk.   Plastic, could.  (although most plastic milk containers are made from #2 plastic which - among plastics- is the safer kind, there are studies that have found that most plastics release estrogenic chemicals... so reducing is always a good idea )

Switch your plastic milk gallons for glass milk jugs!  We buy ours at our local Whole Foods;  they cost the same as the plastic gallons BUT when you return the empty glass bottles for recycling, Whole Foods gives you a store credit back- so you end up paying a good amount less than when you buy the plastic option. Less plastic and less cost!  Little changes can have a great impact - both for your health and for the environment.

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