Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What Toxic Chemicals Are In Your Home? An Infographic

Sometimes a seeing something is more effitient than reading something - which is why I love a good infographic.   Today's infographic comes compliments of the Environmental Defense Fund.  In it, we can clearly see just some of the most common chemicals that are found in our homes and to wich we are exposed to every single day.....  you can also see some of the most common health effects associated to these chemicals.

Knowledge is power and as parents we need to take control of our children's health and our home.   Small changes can make such a big difference in the long term health of all family members!

Where to start?

  • Instead of nonstick cookware - switch to stainless steel cookware like the 
  • All-Clad Stainless 12-Inch Fry Pan
  •  from Al Clad 
  • Instead of plastic baby bottles and food containers - switch to glass and stainless steel food containers and baby bottles like the 
  • Kids Konserve KK074 Small Leak Proof Stainless Steel Round Food Containers, Magenta, Set of 2
  • Instead of plugin air fresheners - switch to openning your windows or try one of our lovely smelling - easy to make recipes 
  • Instead of standard paints - switch to VOC- free paints
  • Instead of upholstered furniture doused with flame retardants- switch to buying furniture that does not contain flame retardants (more and more national retailers are offering this option- just ask!) and always make sure to keep dust to a minimun inside your house since toxic flame retardants constantly migrate  fromelectronics and furniture to your dust , that you then touch and breathe)

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