Monday, February 17, 2014

A Pocket-Sized Healthy Shopping Guide!

With so many brands and companies claiming to have non-toxic products it is hard to know which brands to trust.   The wonderful folks at Healthy Child HealthyWorld  (a website you should definitely check out if you haven't already done so.  They have wonderful information and databases and guides to help you find nontoxic products)  are always looking to make the process easier and they have now come out with a nice pocket sized shopping guide.

The 'Shop Healthy Pocket Guide' features trusty brands that use little to no chemicals and covers everything from baby gear to household cleaning. It is not to say that ALL the products these companies sell are 100% chemical free, but overall you can feel safe that these companies use less chemicals than mainstream brands.

Among the Babycare brands recommended are:
BabyGanics (I like their shampoo, body cream and soaps)
Baby Mantra
Burt’s Bees
Charlie Banana
Happy Family
Mothers Organic
Nature’s One
Plum Organics
Seventh Generation (all of their productst are good and well priced.  I often use their baby line of toilettries)
The Honest Company (the cutest most ecofriendly disposable diapers available! their bathroom products for kids are good too) (from the family.  A great source for all of the brands listed above. They deliver nation wide )

Household Cleaning Recommended Brands
Earth Friendly Products
Mothers Organic
Seventh Generation
The Honest Company

Baby Gear
Belly Armor
Green Toys
Mothers Organic
Sage Spoonfuls
The Honest Company

Just click on the link above to viewed and print the guides

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