Monday, April 23, 2012

Non-Toxic Munchkin Approved!

I have been busy these past two weeks and haven't had time to write in my blog BUT I have been collecting some  ‘new’ fun eco friendly and non-toxic products for our munchkins. 

What makes me really excited is that every day it gets easier (and more stylish) to find non-toxic products for the whole family!  Non-toxic munchkin approved!

Boon Wrap Protective Bowl Cover  

Boon has great products... and this latest one (that I LOVE) is no exception.  The “wrap's adaptable shape slides over most standard bowls, suctions to the table, and acts as a bumper between the dish and hard surfaces. No bowl is getting shot-put across the dining room on your watch”

The design is -of course- uber cool and it solves an issue I have had for a while: how can I use glass or ceramic bowls to serve my son food without the risk of having them break? I have been using melanin  and bpa-free plastics which are fine but, quite frankly, I prefer and believe in glass and ceramic much more than plastic. Who knows what chemicals in the plastics i am using can come up in 10 years to be toxic.....  Problem solved!

** the design is oh so stylish  BUT be warned it is a bit of a pain to take the sleeve on and off... but after a couple of tries it gets easier!


On a similar  note, and equally as adorable, there is Brinware! Made out of tempered glass and with a removable silicone sleeve for added protection and slip resistance, it is a great alternative so that you dont have to choose between your bone china and potentially chemical leaching "BPA free"  plastic (even BPA free shouldnever be placed in the microwave or in dishwasher!!) tableware.  Need another reason to be convinced?  They dont leach toxic chemicals when exposed to microwaving or dishwashing!  

Clementine Art (natural paint, glue, dough, crayons)

My son loves art..... actually he is pretty obsessed.  Play-dough, finger paints, crayons he plays with these almost on a daily basis.  I know the labels on most brands say non-toxic, but it still worries me when I can't pronounce most of the ingredients (or even worse when I cant find the ingredients anywhere).  This is why I love Clementine Art products!  All of their ingredients are natural  (like ground spinach and tumeric for the green and yellow color) so I don't have to worry when my munchkin sneaks in a taste!

BKR Glass Water Bottles

I am a big fan of  Lifefactory water bottles (they come in baby bottle version and sippy top versions for kids too) but much to my surprised I walked into my local Gap in NYC last week and found these adorable glass water bottles with silicon sleeves.  The bright colors and minimalist design make you happy to tote them around ( they are also available in black and brown if you are more low key).  They are fun, stylish, nontoxic and 100% recyclable.


This is a 'why didnt I think of this ' product.....  How brilliant is this? No more excuses at the playground or beach this summer for sunburns!  Not only are they super convenient and ideal for munchkins like mine who I can barely get to hold still long enough to put sunscreen on, BUT they are free of parabens, petrochemicals, fragrances, and phthalates... plus they are approved by Healthy Child Healthy World and rate very low for toxicity on the Environmental  Working Groups Skin Deep Database.  The only thing is that they are a bit expensive (about $34 for 40 wipes) so may be a good idea to have them as a back up for when you forget or when you need to reapply a hyper toddler!

Dr Robin for Kids, Chemical Free Sunscreen for Kids, SPF 30+

While on the topic of sunscreen, now that summer is around the corner, most parents know how important it is to put sunscreen all over our children's bodies.  Obviously you want to make sure that what your putting all over your munchkin's body is not full of toxic chemicals and, sadly, most sunscreens ( even some marketed to babies and children)  are.  My personal experience with non toxic sunscreens has not been great.  They are either very thick and leave a white film all over your body or wash away easily with water and/or sweat leaving you or your munchkin vulnerable to the sun’s rays. This is why I like Dr Robin for Kids.  It goes on relatively smooth and is made especially for baby's sensitive skin ( moms and dads can use it too!).  At home we all use it daily.  And yes, it rates very low on EWG’s Skin Deep database too!

Zoe B Biodegradable Beach Toys

I might dislike and distrust plastic, but I understand there are places when plastic really is the best option.  Example?  Beach toys.  Obviously glass and stainless steel simply will not work in this setting!  My new alternative?   Zoe B Biodegradable Beach Toys! These toys are made of ‘bioplastic’ (made from corn grown in the US versus oil and natural gas used in 'normal' plastic).  Not only are they non-toxic, but they fully biodegrade in 2-3 years if buried in the soil, immersed in water or composted (  ordinary plastic takes up to 500 years to degrade, and even then it only breaks down into tiny particles that are toxic to wildlife and the environment).  Oh yeah and they are fun and stylish too!


Up to now I have mostly used bpa and pthlalate free plastic containers to carry around my sons snacks, but finally I purchased a set of lunchbots stainless steel containers and I love them.  Small, compact, cute colors and no chemicals or potential chemicals to worry about.   I am still looking to find some toddler friendly designs to avoid spillage of cheerios, but for larger food items like cheese or crackers or carrots or sandwiches these are perfect!

Eco Baby Buys

Most of us have heard of Gilt or Groupon or Zulily for kids, well let me introduce you to  Eco Baby Buys.  They make buying eco friendly (non toxic or organic) shopping for our munchkins easy and affordable. Sign up and receive a daily deals  via email every day.

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