Monday, October 16, 2017


Photo Credit: National Geographic

(every day we will be adding to our story with the Tip of the day for using less plastic! )

This week we are joining @Yourzenmama,  @mind_and_motion and @green4ema in a no plastic challenge ( #noplasticchallengeoct16 )!  Every day will be offering tips on how to reduce plastics in your everyday life and why.

One of the main reasons?  Our kiddos are watching.   As moms and dads we have the power to form the next generation's relationship with plastic and with our Earth.  If they grow up in a house that does not abuse plastics, that consciously opts for safer more sustainable alternatives,  then it will become second nature for them to grow up into adults that do not abuse plastics.  

 Imagine if we are able to raise a generation that uses less plastic?!  It would be huge:  our children and our grandchildren will reap the benefits not only of a healthier less polluted planet but of a healthier less polluted body.   All it takes is for us to shift our mindset and habits about plastic.

Let's start today!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Detoxing Your Baby's Umbilical Cord Blood

Wait, what?   Clean up a baby’s umbilical chord blood?  Nothing should be more protected nor purer, right?  Well, unfortunately today’s babies have over 200  industrial chemicals and pollutants running through their umbilical cord blood. Some of  these chemicals have never been tested for safety on infants nor fetus’, others we know are toxic with serious health repercussions.  

The good news?   If you want to you can drastically reduce the number of chemicals that your unborn child is exposed to - but, even though I usually recommend small steps to not get overwhelmed in your quest for a less chemically dependent life, if you are already pregnant the time to start is NOW (ideally this process should start before you get pregnant).  

Sunday, October 1, 2017

DIY Non-Toxic Face Paint: For Halloween and Beyond

Kids love face paint. What better way to become a pirate or a princess or a butterfly or tiger that with face paint, right?   

Unfortunately, most store bought face paints have really toxic chemicals including   lead (and high levels of it) talc (linked to cancer), chromium, barium, endocrine disrupting fragrance chemicals (for more details on what is in your face paint check out an article I wrote for The Tot recently) 

I now cringe when I see a face painting station at  birthday parties or fairs because, truthfully, the struggle is real.  The kids LOVE getting fun designs and I don't always want to be the mean mom that says no.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

You Probably Already Have The Best Product to Clean Your Floors At Home (and its non-toxic too!)

If you have kids that love playing outdoors, then love coming inside  and then love going back outside and then floors quickly becomes an almost daily necessity (obsession?).   Perhaps I am a bit obsessed with clean floors (ok, very obsessed) and perhaps deep down I am fascinated, yet terrified and grossed out,  when I broom the floors and collect so. much. STUFF.  But, weather you love it or hate it, and regardless of how often they are cleaned in your home: cleaning the floors in your home is important stuff.  Just as important?  The products you use to clean them with.  

Monday, September 18, 2017

Finally We Will All Know What is Inside Our Cleaning Supplies

Only 7% of cleaning products fully list their ingredients - hiding from consumers the ingredients they are using in their 'special formulations.  The problem?  

 Because consumers have had no way of knowing what chemicals were added to many of their favorite cleaning brands,   products used to clean homes, nurseries, preschools, schools and offices often contain known carcinogens, known asthmagens (chemicals that can cause asthma in healthy individuals), known endocrine disruptors etc

These chemicals not only affected the person doing the cleaning, but because they remain lingering in the air and in the cleaned surfaces - sometimes for days-  can affect the entire family for days after the cleaning has taken place.

Thankfully, things are changing...


Thursday, September 14, 2017

Is There a New Non-Toxic Car Seat In Town?

Thanks to various readers of my blog I heard about the new Nuna PIPA Lite.   

The 2017 new car seat model claims that it: 
weighs in less than every infant car seat—only 5.3 lbs. Tote with ease longer, knowing it goes the distance with aeroflex™ foam, true lock™ base installation, and no added fire retardant chemicals. All while exceeding American safety standards."

"no added fire retardants"  what does that mean? Could it be true!?  I started researching and eventually contacted two different people at Nuna and both (customer service and media contact) confirmed that the Nuna Pipa Lite:

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

How To Test For Toxic Chemicals At Home: Testing Your Paint, Water, Air and Body

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t always have to spend thousands of dollars testing for serious chemicals in your home.  In fact, there are home testing kits that can help you determine if your family is being exposed to some of the most serious and toxic chemicals. 

Home testing kits are never as accurate as the testing a professional can provide but they can be effective as a first step towards helping  you determine if you need to spend serious money on calling a professional into your home.